Free super easy faux leather shopping bag pattern / Kostenloses Schnittmuster für eine Einkaufstasche aus Kunstleder

easy DIY shopping bag

This easy bag is a great first sewing project. Faux leather gives this bag structure and eliminates the need for a lining. You don’t need to finish seams either. The bag only takes a few minutes to sew and is great as a mini shopping bag or as a favor or goody bag.

Here’s what you need to get started:

(2) rectangles of 38cm (15in) x 27cm (11in) faux leather, (4) 11mm diameter grommets or eyelets, (2) 50cm (20in) pieces of cord – you could also reuse some from a paper shopping bag, ruler, pen, scissors and/or knife, thread, hammer, binder clips

you will need these supplies

Step 1: Download, print, assemble and cut sewing pattern or cut two rectangles of faux leather with the dimensions of 38cm (15in) x 27cm (11in).

Here is the pattern in one piece on A2: DIYSA_simple shopping bag_A2

And this one is broken down onto four A4/US Letter pages: DIYSA_simple shopping bag_A4

Cut faux leather

Step 2: Cut holes for grommets/eyelets and attach grommets/eyelets according to manufacturer’s instructions.

attach grommets

Step 3: Using binder clips, align the two rectangles, good sides facing each other. Sew along the sides and bottom with a 7mm (5/16in) seam allowance.


Step 4: Fold corners diagonally, mark a line perpendicular to the existing seam approximately 5cm (2in) away from the corner, sew along the line, cut remaining corners off. Turn bag to be right side out.

finishing corners

Step 5: From the exterior, thread one end of the cord through one grommet/eyelet and tie a knot. Repeat with the other end of the cord and then repeat on the other side of the bag. That’s it – Congratulations – You’re finished!

tieing the knot


2 thoughts on “Free super easy faux leather shopping bag pattern / Kostenloses Schnittmuster für eine Einkaufstasche aus Kunstleder

    1. Hi, for this tutorial I used the grommet puncher than came with the grommets. The grommets are by Prym. Most of the time I use the grommet puncher to outline where to cut and then use an x-acto knife for the actual cutting. Hope this helps!

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